University of Portland

2018 Spring Semester Student Insurance Waiver

Your Option to Waive Student Health Insurance

All undergraduate students taking 12 or more credit hours are required to carry medical insurance comparable to that offered under the school’s Student Health Insurance Plan.

This site is available to students new to the University and students who were not enrolled on campus fall semester 2017. Students who participated in the University group insurance plan fall semester 2017 who do not need coverage spring semester 2018, should contact Student Accounts for a waiver application.

To waive Student Health Insurance Plan coverage, you will need to have your other health insurance information before you begin the online waiver form. You will be asked to provide some personal and health insurance information on the form, such as your carrier's phone number and your policy number.

All waivers will go through an audit process in order to confirm the other coverage meets the necessary requirements.

Once you receive your waiver confirmation email, you are done!

If you have any questions regarding health insurance waivers, please contact USI Northwest at 1-800-251-4246.